GDPR is here!

On the 25th of May the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force, and unlike other companies, we’ve avoided the temptation to send out a blanket email to our Customers and followers asking them to opt-in, as we feel that you should have the option to opt-in whenever you feel like it.

What’s the GDPR and how will it affect you?

The GDPR gives you, the individual, much more control over the way your personally identifiable information is collected and processed, which is great news for you as it should stop the avalanche of spam from the numerous companies that have almost undoubtedly contacted you in the past.

The biggest change is that we are now obliged to inform you about the collection of this data and how we intend to use it.
Seeing as we’re a nice bunch of people, we’ve only ever collected the minimum information about you as we respect your privacy, and you can choose to opt out of things that you have previously agreed to at any time.

Oh, and if we decide that we’d like to change how we use your data then we promise to let you know before the change so that you can opt-out if you’d like to.

How will GDPR affect us?

We need to ask you if you’re happy for us to collect your information in the first place, and how you’d like to be contacted if you decide that you wish to be contacted at all!
We also need to let you know what we do with this information. In-depth details can be found in our Privacy Policy!
For more detailed information on the cookies we use, please check our Cookie Policy.

Keeping in touch

Now here’s the really important part … in order for us to keep in touch with you, keeping you up to date with our highly innovative products, Company news and offers, you will need to let us know that this is ok, by clicking on the link here and spending a few seconds with our consent form.

Cairn Research Ltd looks forward to hearing from you soon.