GATTAquant calibration slides

GATTAquant slides

• High photo stability
• 6 month shelf life
• Embedded in Prolong diamond


Product Description

High-quality standard cell slides

Gattaquant are a dynamic company specialising in supplying probes for fast, easy and precise quantification of super-resolution systems.  Whilst we routinely use and supply their nano-rulers and sub-diffraction resolution beads in conjunction with our advanced imaging systems, we also think it is valuable to have simpler cell and bead tools for spectral alignment of multi camera or image splitter systems.  These two slides are invaluable workhorse tools for widefield and confocal alignment and provide a secure reference point for the researcher to compare microscopes or performance over time.

They are also delivered in handy branded chilled pouches for ease of storage at 4°C.

GATTA-Cells 4C

GATTA-Cells 4C

Check the performance of your microscope and alignment and focus of multi colour fluorescence imaging hardware using fixed and stained COS-7 cells.

GATTA-Beads White

For quantitative alignment of multiple fluorophores we have worked with Gattaquant to develop a bead slide that can be excited with blue light, but will emit across the visible spectrum.

The GATTA-Cells series supplies you with high-quality standard cell slides. They are manufactured in close collaboration with the Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis at the University of Zurich. Cell slides of the UZH have proven their outstanding performance by being broadly applied and demonstrated by Leica Microsystems and Olympus Europe.

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