Inverted microscopes based on conventional, modular and Open Source architectures. We will configure, full or partial solutions and are happy to upgrade your existing rigs. 

  • openFrame Microscope

    • Sustainable open-source microscope
    • Compact and stable
    • Extensible and modular

  • Nikon Eclipse Ti2

    • Groundbreaking FOV
    • Unsurpassed Nikon Optics
    • Intelligent Assist Guide

  • Olympus IX73

    • Unique deck system
    • Modular motorisation
    • Highest signal to noise performance

  • Leica DMi8

    • Full range of condensers
    • Expanded FOV of 19 mm
    • Infinity Port

  • Nikon Eclipse Ts2R

    • High luminescent white LED illuminator
    • Condenser turret, mount up to 7 modules
    • Built-in Fly eye lens

  • Olympus CKX53

    • Built-in 4 position
    •  2x Overview with its 11mm diameter view
    • 100 W Hg Lamp

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Most of our products and solutions are based around commercial research inverted microscopes and upright microscopes from the “big four” manufacturers, Nikon, Olympus, Leica and Zeiss. We work with all four companies to supply, configure and install inverted, upright and macro -scopes, complete with bespoke modifications as demanded by your science.

We also build our own modular upright and horizontal frames (better for plants and some cardiac preps), photon-proof bioluminescence enclosures, and supply specialist systems based on ASI RAMM frames. We would be delighted to hear your requirements and, being fully independent, are always able to offer a range of options for completely new configurations or cost-effective upgrades.


Fluorescence Illumination