In addition to providing turnkey fluorescence microscope systems we are often asked to configure macroscopic imaging and Optical Mapping assemblies. These are typically used for cardiac imaging and comprise of one or more high intensity light sources coupled directly or episcopically to the sample, combined with a high Numerical Aperture lens and CCD, CMOS or Photodiode array detector. Experiments are often carried out at two wavelengths to allow the measurement of intracellular calcium in tandem with membrane potential, or, using either one of these techniques ratiometrically to eliminate movement artefacts.

We build and supply fixed or variable lens systems to capture fields of view from approximately 4 x 4 mm up to 50 x 50 mm and project these on to one or more detectors. If a wide range of magnifications is required then we will base the system on a commercial zoom macroscope such as the Olympus MVX10. All systems are custom assembled to order so please speak to us about your precise requirements.