Flexible and precise coupling of multiple light sources for micro and macroscopic imaging. We specialise in upgrading existing illuminators by adding new lines and functionality such as photoactivation capabilities.

  • Infinity Cube

    • infinity space cube holder
    • adjustable mirror mount
    • interlock safety switch

  • Dual Infinity Slider

    • Accommodates two Olympus U-MF2 filter cubes
    • Integrated bypass position
    • Tip/tilt cube adjustment

  • Multiport Adaptors

    • Up to four light sources per port
    • Modular filter blocks
    • Optoflip

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We consider launching photons into micro and macroscopes to be equally as important as the light sources themselves. Researchers will often already have perfectly good illumination sources so our focus is on making our couplings compatible with laser, arc lamp and LED illuminators from ourselves and other manufacturers, and ensuring that they are modular so that they can be easily upgraded, reconfigured, or moved to different microscopes.

Our coupling system is designed for up to four different sources with fine alignment control using X-Y adjuster or steering mirrors.