In partnership with LifeCanvas we are able to offer the full end to end solution from tissue preservation, active 3D clearing to active 3D labelling of a variety of tissue samples, from biopsies and organoids through to whole intact organs

  • LifeCanvas SmartBatch+

    • Multi-purpose tissue clearing system
    • 12 whole mouse brains in one day
    • time-efficient tissue processing

  • LifeCanvas SHIELD

    • Superior tissue preservation
    • Protects tissue for multi-round processing
    • Easy, fast & reliable

  • LifeCanvas EasyIndex

    • Perfect optical clearing
    • Compatible with many tissue types
    • Cost-effective and easy to use

  • LifeCanvas Clear+ Tissue Clearing

    • No tissue expansion or contraction
    • Preserves sample integrity and fluorescent proteins
    • Actively clears whole mouse brain in 1 day or passively clears in 1 week

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