LifeCanvas Clear+ Tissue Clearing

• No tissue expansion or contraction
• Preserves sample integrity and fluorescent proteins
• Actively clears whole mouse brain in 1 day or passively clears in 1 week

Product Description

Advanced tissue clearing technique for maximum sample integrity

Our new Clear+ tissue clearing technique is the only method that delipidates and optically clears samples with no change in sample morphology. Clear+ processed samples retain mechanical strength, molecular stability, and native 3D structure.

An advance on our founder’s CLARITY method, this targeted delipidation approach is also dramatically faster: fully delipidate whole mouse brains in just one day with active clearing via SmartBatch+ or SmartClear II Pro, or just one week with passive clearing. Clear+ can also delipidate larger samples like whole rat brains in ~4 days.

Passive Clearing Kit

Start with the most versatile passive clearing method available: preserve, clear, and index-match your samples with our simple and reliable ready-made solutions.

Two kit sizes available:

250 mL: Preserves 12 whole mouse brains or comparably sized samples

  • 250 mL SHIELD
  • 250 mL Clear+ Delipidation Buffer
  • 250 mL EasyIndex

500 mL: Preserves 25 whole mouse brains or comparably sized samples

  • 500 mL SHIELD
  • 500 mL Clear+ Delipidation Buffer
  • 500 mL EasyIndex


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