LifeCanvas SmartBatch+

• Multi-purpose tissue clearing system
• 12 whole mouse brains in one day
• time-efficient tissue processing

Product Description

High-throughput active tissue clearing & uniform immunolabeling

SmartBatch+ combines active tissue clearing leveraging LifeCanvas new Clear+ system and active immunofluorescence labeling into one turn-key device! Actively clear and label up to 12 whole mouse brains or comparably sized samples in as little as one day, and 2 whole rat brains in just 3-4 days.

SmartBatch+ allows you to switch between clearing and labeling modes simply by changing buffers, and is compatible with different tissue types and large intact samples. Clear+ tissue clearing provides maximum optical transparency with no change in tissue morphology; eFLASH and patented SE technologies then uniformly label whole organs from surface to core.

Combined with SHIELD tissue preservation, SmartBatch+ protects fluorescent protein signal, antigenicity, and molecular and physical architecture through all tissue processing steps, allowing for pristine, information-rich imaging — especially using LifeCanvas SmartSPIM light sheet imaging system.

SmartBatch+ is the most cost- and time-efficient tissue processing system, using just 4-20 μg of antibody per target to label a sample the size of a whole mouse brain and <12 mins hands-on time per sample.


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