An independent and now employee owned company with a skilled and enthusiastic team and a Can Do Philosophy.

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We are an independent, employee owned, microscopy research-orientated company specialising in solutions for the life sciences for nearly 40 years. From our origins as a provider of turnkey optical systems for fast intracellular ion measurements, we have maintained close links with our academic customer base. This has enabled us to develop a broad range of products and solutions to meet their expanding needs. Our strength lies in our understanding of both the requirements of the microscopy research community and of the advances in technology from which they can benefit. We have a “can do”, informal, and friendly attitude and are always willing to give advice. Here at Cairn we have evolved organically to encompass four distinct, but interrelated areas – fluorescence illumination, fluorescence detection, high end imaging systems & custom design

We are instrument designers, manufacturers and vendors of both Illumination and Detection products. Our illumination products encompass a wide range of light sources, adapters and specialist laser systems; typically used in conjunction with a third-party, or Cairn-built, microscope or macrosope. On the detection side, our primary focus is on multi-channel imaging using one or more third-party cameras. These products are largely based around optical techniques, most importantly, fluorescence, optogenetics, photolysis and transmitted light imaging. Although fully independent we are closely allied with Chroma Technology where a large number of our illumination and detection products make use of their high performance interference filters. 

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