We offer a variety of different turn-key and custom light sheet solutions to image both fixed and live samples at high speed and resolution

  • LifeCanvas MegaSPIM

    • High-resolution data
    • Streamlined post-processing
    • Custom mounting solutions

  • LifeCanvas SmartSPIM

    • Uniform axial resolution across entire sample
    • Rapid volumetric imaging
    • Custom-designed imaging chamber

  • Mizar Tilt

    • Designed to work with high and low NA objectives
    • Adapts to most inverted microscopes
    • Minimal-to-no photodamage or bleaching

  • L-SPI Large Selective Plane Illuminator

    • Live-cell imaging with ultra-low phototoxicity
    • Spatial and temporal fractionation of illumination
    • Orthogonal lightsheets reduce shadowing


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