Fast-switching ultra-stable LED illumination sources for fluorescence microscopy and other scientific needs

  • MultiLED Light Source

    • Four channel
    • USB control
    • Intelligent LED heads

  • OptoLED Light Source

    • High intensity
    • Near perfect stability
    • Instantaneous vibration-free switching

  • MacroLED light source

    • High intensity, faster switching, high stability
    • Macro fluorescence measurements
    • Cardiac optical mapping

  • TwinLED Light Source

    • Preconfigured & compact
    • Dual LED source
    • Different combinations available

  • FuraLED Light Source

    • Preconfigured & compact
    • Near perfect stability
    • Full LED ratiometric illuminator

  • Aura Phase Contrast Illuminator

    • Electrophysiology
    • Ultra-long working distance
    • White light, colour or NIR illumination

  • Aura Pro Phase Contrast Illuminator

    • Ultra-long working distance
    • Ph1-Ph3
    • Choice of colours

  • MonoLED light source

    • Brightfield, phase contrast and DIC
    • Single wavelength fluorescence
    • Compact, turn-key illuminator

  • CoolLED pE-4000

    • Broad LED spectrum 365-770nm
    • Four channel wavelength-grouping design
    • TTL and USB interfaces
    • Works with Cairn illumination adapters

  • Lumencor Spectra X light Engine

    The spectral breadth of an arc lamp and the flexibility of a filter wheel

Recent advances in Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology have resulted in devices that offer a valuable alternative to arc and halogen light sources in microscopy and related techniques. Our OptoLED controller and modular LED heads provide an off-the-shelf solution for fluorescence and transmitted light illumination, delivering dramatically improved lifespan, switching speeds and stability.

We are pleased to supplement this range with the Sola and Spectra products from Lumencor, and the pE-4000 from CoolLED. Please speak to us for advice on the best illumination source for your application.

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