CoolLED pE-4000

• Broad LED spectrum 365-770nm
• Four channel wavelength-grouping design
• TTL and USB interfaces
• Works with Cairn illumination adapters

Product Description

16 selectable LED wavelengths

The pE-4000 is a universal Illumination System for fluorescence microscopy. The system has 16 selectable LED wavelengths across four channels that can be finely controlled and matched to the filters and fluorophores of almost any microscope, making it a very broad and versatile illumination system.

The CoolLED pE-4000 benefits from an award winning sustainable Green technology and delivers enhanced irradiance at the sample plane with a significant reduction in energy consumption, and is supplied with a 36 month warranty.

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Advanced control for cutting-edge research
Multiple levels of control are possible, from simple to advanced. A dual mode control pod gives immediate manual control in either White or Advanced modes, where individual LED channels can be individually switched on/off or irradiance modulated.

Alternatively, the USB interface and integration into major microscope software platforms allows complex software control.
TTL control enables capturing high-speed events (<1 ms). Since there is no shutter or filter wheel, without these moving parts, this reduced latency means speed is limited only by the camera. An expansion box is also available for added functionality with multiple BNC connections for remote analogue and TTL control.

For optogenetics applications, alongside the ability to include excitation filters to tune the wavelength to the opsin’s maximum activation peak, an internal function generator controls pulse timing and waveforms.


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Additional information

Key Features

• Broad LED spectrum: 365-770 nm, with 16 LEDs
• Four channel wavelength-grouping design matches most commercially available dual, triple, and quad filters
• Removable inline excitation filter holders: no moving parts for fast acquisition
• Internal function generator for electrophysiology and optogenetics applications
• TTL and USB interfaces with major imaging software packages allows incorporation into all experimental parameters
• Analogue inputs for dynamic irradiance control
• Individual control of selected LED wavelengths reduces background
• Rapid switching between LED wavelengths enables capture of high-speed events
• Instant on/off: No shutters required, no warm up or cool down
• Stable and repeatable: reliable and consistent results
• Precise irradiance control in 1% steps (0-100%): no ND filters required


• Multi channel fluorescence imaging
• High speed ratiometric imaging