TwinLED head

TwinLED Light Source

• Preconfigured & compact
• Dual LED source
• Different combinations available

Product Description

Dual channel microscope Illumination

Compact TwinLED illuminator for fluorescence or transmitted light imaging

To augment our range of individual LED heads and microscope adapters we are pleased to offer the modular TwinLED dual illuminators which work seamlessly with our OptoLED controller. These heads are preconfigured for applications such as green and red fluorescence, optogenetics or broad spectrum transmitted light imaging. We take care of the LED selection, intensity regulation, optical filtering and condenser optics to make your experiments work with the best possible signal-to-noise. As with all our modular illuminators the TwinLEDs can be seamlessly used in combination with other laser, LED or arc lamp illuminators from Cairn or other manufacturers.

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Additional information


• Fast calcium imaging and photometry
• Combined Calcium with Voltage Sensitive Dye or other ion recordings
• Channelrhodopsin
• Addition of fast calcium imaging capabilities to existing fluorescence microscope

Key Benefits

• Full range of microscope / macroscope couplings available
• Digital and analogue switching with up to sub-microsecond resolution
• Compatible with existing OptoLED controllers and Cairn microscope couplings
• OptoLED controller provides dual digital inputs for combined software and direct camera modulation to reduce photobleaching
• Couple to Cairn MultiStream for calcium imaging at maximum camera frame rates



LEDs: 470nm, Cool White
Excitation filters: ET470/40x, ET572/35x
Compatible Multiband set: 59022bs, 59022m
Compatible Multiband set with single band emitters: 59022bs, ET520/40m, ET632/60m
Compatible single band set (GFP): T495lpxr, ET525/50m
Compatible single band set (mCherry): T600lpxr, ET632/60m


LEDs: 470nm, 590nm
Excitation filters: ET470/40x, ET585/22x
Compatible Multiband set: ZT488/594rpc, 59010m


LEDs: Cool White, 505nm
Excitation filters: ET430/24x, ET500/20x
Compatible Multiband set: 59017bs, 59017m
Compatible Multiband set with single band emitters: 59017bs, ET470/24m, ET535/30m
Compatible single band FRET set: T455lp, ET480/40m, T495LPXR-UF2, ET535/30m

White/IR (brightfield)

LEDs: Warm white, 850nm
Excitation filter: 515LP to clean-up any phosphorescence