MonoLED light source

• Brightfield, phase contrast and DIC
• Single wavelength fluorescence
• Compact, turn-key illuminator

Product Description

Single-channel illuminator designed with simplicity in mind.

Following the success of our OptoLED range we identified the demand for an affordable single-channel illuminator which would “just work” for transmitted light and simple fluorescence illumination. Rather than compromising performance we opted to support powerful (3A) devices (for epi-fluorescence illumination) and a full range of microscope couplings. Unlike our other illuminators, which use a modular MultiPort coupling system, the MonoLED is supplied complete with a condenser and mount for your chosen microscope

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Additional information


• Brightfield
• Phase contrast
• Single wavelength fluorescence viewing

Key Benefits

• Manual, digital and analogue control (USB on request)
• Incorporates filter to avoid phosphor artefact
• Powerful 3A emitter (epi-fluorescence only)
• Compact, affordable, turn-key illuminator
• Wide range of microscope adapters for research and clinical scopes
• Environmentally friendly halogen lamp replacement