Aura Pro

Aura Pro Phase Contrast Illuminator

• Ultra-long working distance
• Ph1-Ph3
• Choice of colours

Product Description

Phase Contrast LED Illuminator with ultra-long working distance for inverted microscopes

The Cairn Aura Pro phase contrast illuminator allows true Zernike phase contrast with a working distance up to 230mm – perfect for electrophysiology where the sample platform can be very congested. Now with a universal rack and pinion design, the Aura Pro works with a range of inverted microscopes and includes a backwards tilting mechanism to move the unit out of the light path when required.

Based on a concept developed by Webb et al. at the University of Nottingham, the Aura Pro uses concentric rings of super-bright LEDs in place of the conventional condenser and phase rings. It provides the highest-quality phase contrast images with very simple alignment and works for Ph1, Ph2 and Ph3 imaging, along with darkfield imaging, with a range of colour options – white, blue, green, red and NIR.

The Aura Pro head itself is optimised for Phase Contrast illumination, but where brightfield may also be required, we have built in a central port where a brightfield LED and optics can easily be added, such as the Cairn MonoLED. We are also working on options to connect a macro lens and camera for low mag imaging from the top – watch this space!

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• Phase contrast (Ph1, Ph2 and Ph3)
• Darkfield
• Electrophysiology

Features and Benefits

• Ultra-long working distance for enhanced access (up to 260mm)
• Adapters for Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss inverted frames
• Backwards-tilting pillar
• Rack and pinion height adjustment
• Choice of colour LED rings
• Central port for brightfield LED
• Digital and analogue control of the active LED ring

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