Single-mode and multi-mode laser sources for photoactivation and imaging using widefield, confocal, TIRF and other modalities.

  • iLas2 targeted laser illumination

    • Single molecule imaging
    • Oblique illumination imaging
    • FRAP Photo-activation
  • iLas3 targeted laser illumination

    • Photo-ablation
    • Frap Photo-activation
    • Oblique illumination imaging

  • OptoTIRF V2 Laser Illuminator

    • Motorised movement of illumination spot and widefield bypass
    • Joystick or software control
    • Single or multimode fibre

  • LDI Laser Diode Illuminator

    • Configured for 7 wavelengths
    • Up to 1W of power per channel
    • Feedback controlled stability
    • Integral laser despeckling

  • MultiLine LaserBank

    • Houses up to six laser modules
    • Flexible and user-configurable combination of wavelengths
    • Multiple interlocks
    • Upgradeable and serviceable on site

  • TriLine-LaserBank

    • Houses up to three laser modules
    • Up to three single and / or multimode output ports
    • Convenient platform for bespoke systems
    • Multiple interlocks and safety shutters

  • Rapp OptoElectronic UGA 42 Series

    • Scanner based systems
    • Photomanipulation
    • microscopy & macroscopy

To compliment our LED illuminators we offer a range of laser-based solutions for Confocal and Widefield microscopy, TIRF, FRAP, LightSheet, Photolysis and OptoGenetics. Our TriLine and MultiLine combiners are extremely flexible supporting modular TEM00 lasers from Coherent, Omicron, Vortran, Cobolt and others in addition to laser diodes from Nichia, Ushio and OSRAM .


They can be configured with any combination of FC/PC and PAC single mode and 50 to 1500 micron SMA multimode ports, including options for fast galvo switching for sharing lines, mechanical shutters, despecklers and multiple safety interlocks. We offer turnkey and partial laser solutions for all budgets and regularly undertake custom projects; please don’t hesitate to contact us with your requirements.



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