TIRF Optogenetics


• Houses up to three laser modules
• Up to three single and / or multimode output ports
• Convenient platform for bespoke systems
• Multiple interlocks and safety shutters

Product Description

TIRF Optogenetics

The TriLine shares much of the modularity and flexibility of the MultiLine, but in a simpler and more compact package. The design offers the flexibility to configure output ports via single or multi-mode fibres (or free space on request) for TIRF, FRAP. photolysis, spinning disk confocal, optogenetics and other research applications.

The TriLine LaserBank is alignable and serviceable on site, and, is a useful option for individual research groups requiring only a few lines. The system can accommodate up to three lasers which can be combined into up to three different fibres with arbitrary light distribution or sharing wavelengths between ports. Fast mechanical shutters are available as required, and a safety shutter is included as standard. The lasers can be controlled using the Cairn MultiLine controller with computer and or front panel digital and analogue modulation, or used with the laser manufacturer or other third party power supply. 

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Additional information


• Spinning disk and other multipoint confocal imaging
• Point-scanning confocal imaging
• Multi-channel TIRF
• Photolysis
• Optogenetics

Key Benefits

• Houses upto three laser modules
• Configured with up to three singlemode or multimode fibre outputs
• Flexible combination of wavelengths
• User serviceable and configurable (subject to appropriate training)
• Can be upgraded without return to base
• Analogue and digital modulation and mechanical shutters
• Multiple interlocks
• Vibrating despeckler for multimode fibres