LDI Laser Diode Illuminator

LDI Laser Diode Illuminator

• Configured for 7 wavelengths
• Up to 1W of power per channel
• Feedback controlled stability
• Integral laser despeckling

Product Description

Designed and manufactured by our US distributors 89 North, the LDI is a multiline, solid-state laser illuminator offering up to 1000mW of output power via a multimode fiber at the price of lower power LED light engines. With feedback controlled output stability and up to a 100:1 linear dynamic range, the LDI is the ideal light source for a wide range of applications including spinning disk confocal microscopy, structured illumination microscopy, FRAP, photoactivation/photoconversion, and PALM/STORM.

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Additional information


• Spinning Disk Confocal Microscopy with Crest X-Light V2
• Super Resolution SIM Imaging with Crest VCS
• Optogenetics with DLPs or Multiport Illuminator
• Photoactivation/Photoconversion with SLM or Multiport Illuminator
• FRAP with SLM or Multiport Illuminator

High output power

• Shorter exposures
• Faster Imaging
• Faster activation times in optogenetics and photoactivation experiments
• Faster bleaching times in FRAP experiments

Feedback controlled optical stability

• Quantitative imaging, ideally suited for ratiometric imaging
• More repeatable optogenetics experiments

Up to 100:1 linear dynamic range

• Ability to turn power down when needed and maintain stability and quantitative imaging

Configured for 7 lines

• Covers most of the standard fluorescence probes

No user alignment

• Easy to use and maintain


• TTL / analogue breakout interface available