LifeCanvas SmartSPIM

• Uniform axial resolution across entire sample
• Rapid volumetric imaging
• Custom-designed imaging chamber

Product Description

Light sheet microscope optimised for intact tissues

With uniform axial resolution across the whole sample, rapid volumetric imaging, a custom-designed imaging chamber, and up to 6 laser lines (405-785 nm), our SmartSPIM light sheet imaging system provides the accuracy, speed, and flexibility you need to generate the highest quality data. Leveraging axial sweeping technology, SmartSPIM provides homogeneous axial point spread functions (PSFz) across the entire field of view.

SmartSPIM’s high speed volumetric image capture allows you to image an entire mouse brain hemisphere or comparably sized sample in <30 minutes while maintaining exceptional quality resolution. Our custom-designed imaging chamber and sample holders can accommodate a variety of tissue sizes and orientations, from organoids to rat brains to an entire juvenile mouse (2.5 x 2.5 cm standard specimen lateral size, 4 x 7.5 cm extended).

SmartSPIM’s acquisition software has real-time tile correction and is simple to operate, making imaging large samples a breeze, and our SmartAnalytics workstation is tailor-made for crafting publication-ready outputs from SmartSPIM images.


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Additional information

Key Benefits

• Axially swept light sheet design provides uniform axial resolution across entire sample
• Tunable imaging parameters allow for high speed volumetric image capture while maintaining quality resolution
• Acquisition software is streamlined for efficient data collection
• Flexible imaging chamber, sample holders, and mounting hardware are compatible with many tissue types, sizes, and orientations
• Optimized analysis workstation SmartAnalytics


• 2.5 x 2.5 cm standard specimen lateral size, 4 x 7.5 cm extended
• Up to 6 laser lines, 405-785 nm
• Custom designed objectives, NA = 0.25, broadband chromatically corrected
• 1.63X, 3.6X, 15X, 22X objectives; 180 mm EFL tube lens
• 20 FPS imaging rate during volumetric acquisition
• 2048 x 2048 sCMOS with rolling shutter synchronized to swept lightsheet
• 1.8 μm/pixel lateral sampling in 3.6X, 0.42 μm/pixel in 15X
• NA = 0.2, PSFz = 3.2-4.0 μm in 3.6X; NA = 0.4, PSFz = 1.4-2.2 μm in 15

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