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In some ways there is little more to say about this, but in others a very great deal, and we’ve just posted an extensive blog to provide all the details.  But to summarise here, what does this actually mean for YOU?  In the short term, nothing, but in the long term, and for us as well as you, potentially everything!

It can’t have escaped your attention that in this business sector especially, Companies tend to be bought, sold or otherwise reorganised on a pretty regular basis.   So whenever you buy something, and you want it to keep working, you have to be concerned not just about the lifetime of the product, but also the lifetime of whichever Company you bought it from!

Unlike so many of our competitors, we have been fully independent ever since our inception over three decades ago, and it has always been our intention to stay that way.  By now becoming an Employee Owned Trust, we can ensure that we remain so in the long term, carrying on at our wonderful farm, just as we do now.

So we shall continue to be here for the benefit of our customers and our employees, as opposed to generating massive returns for some outside investor or other.  We believe this new status will make us increasingly unique in our business area, so the fact that we have always refused the (many!) offers for our little enterprise should be viewed as showing greater rather than less ambition on our part.  We are here to STAY!

The full blog is available here