MMC2023 update

By 5th July 2023Cairn News, News, Uncategorised

Greetings from the MMC meeting in Manchester!  Cairn’s advance party of Jez Steve Greg and Martin have now been joined by Joao and Andrew Allan, to help us show and talk about a whole variety of goodies.  Our openFrame modular microscope is here, and Greg gave a nice talk about it in one of the workshops yesterday.  We are also showing Crest’s new Cicero lower-cost spinning disc system, alongside a selection of the usual Cairn products, such as image splitters, camera adapters and LED light sources. 

 On the light source side, we are showing our new MultiLED four channel system, which allows you to use our standard LED heads to choose whichever wavelengths you require, and its many new facilities include some powerful programmable timer facilities that can control other equipment in addition to the LEDs themselves.  But clearly the star of the show has been our new Optospin50 filter wheel, which is one of Martin’s creations, and the fact that Martin is also writing this piece of propaganda is of course entirely coincidental.  Actually it accepts components based on the slightly larger SM2 two-inch thread standard, but somehow “OptospinSM2” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.  But seriously, it has attracted a fair amount of curiosity, as people have been asking why we have made anything that big.  In answer to this we explain that it’s not only because we can, but that it can also potentially take lenses, including lens assemblies, and perhaps even filter cubes, as well as rather large filters.  So they tend to go away looking rather thoughtful, in which case we may well end up selling some alongside our established 25mm and 32mm designs!