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Those of you who know us well will also know how central the Plymouth Cell Physiology Workshops have been to our corporate history, so we are very pleased to announce that there will be another one this September!


Until Covid came onto the scene, the workshop had been running every year since its inception in 1984, but that put paid to the 2020 outing, and it only ran virtually in 2021, which simply wasn’t the same.  Then the sudden passing of the organiser David Ogden towards the end of that year, plus laboratory refurbishment and continuing Covid issues in 2022, put paid to any possibility of it running again then, but now we are delighted to announce that a “real” Plymouth workshop will be running again for 2023!  Just see the link above for details.

Although by the time you read this, the closing date for applications may have officially passed, there could still be time for one or two late entrants if you are quick!  And indeed, this may well be your last-ever chance.  We are able to finance the workshop this year from previously allocated funds, but although we believe it to be as valuable a course as it ever was, funding authorities do tend to become uncomfortable about funding the same thing year after year.  David Ogden used to extract blood from stones in his spare time, so without him this will be much more difficult.  For the future we can but try, but meanwhile let’s make the best of what will be the 38th Plymouth Workshop this September!

Martin our Chairman and Andrew our Technical Director will be there as usual, but please don’t let that put you off…..  And for those of you who don’t know about our historical connection to the course, then you can read a little more about it here