Infinity Cube

Infinity Cube

• infinity space cube holder
• adjustable mirror mount
• interlock safety switch

Product Description

For our more advanced option where more cubes are required please visit Dual Infinity Slider

Specifically designed for Optogenetics, flash photolysis, FRAP and widefield fluorescence, the Cairn Infinity Cube gives scientists direct access to the infinity-space of commercial upright microscopes and macroscopes. This allows for the efficient and flexible coupling of multiple independent light sources with each optimised for different field of view, wavelength, polarisation state and / or other property. Unlike competing systems the principal, on-axis, filter cube can be precisely and simply steered in-situ delivering the photons to exactly where they are needed. Illumination areas can range from full field to controllable areas down to several microns diameter using LEDs and diffraction limited spots using lasers.
We can also use the Infinity Cube as the basis of a modular fluorescence microscope for bespoke applications; please contact our Sales team for details.

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Optogenetics – halo and channel rhodopsin
FRAP – Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching
Flash photolysis
Widefield fluorescence especially FRET / calcium recordings
Integration into modular fluorescence microscopes


Independent iris, rectangular,
or pin hole field stops for selective illumination / phototoxicity reduction
Interchangeable magnetic filter cubes
OptoFlip option for rapid bypass
Laser safety interlocks and bespoke optics for singlemode, multimode fibres and direct laser coupling
Works with our MultiPort adapters for four or more independent illuminators
Emission filter slider
Rotating polariser option

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