Dual Infinity Slider

Dual Infinity Slider

• Accommodates two Olympus U-MF2 filter cubes
• Integrated bypass position
• Tip/tilt cube adjustment

Product Description

If just one cube is required then please visit our Infinity Cube page

This allows for the efficient and flexible coupling of multiple independent light sources with each optimised for different field of view, wavelength, polarisation state and / or other property. Unlike competing systems, the principal, on-axis, filter cube can be precisely and simply steered in-situ delivering the photons to exactly where they are needed. Illumination areas can range from full field to controllable areas down to several microns diameter using LEDs and diffraction limited spots using lasers.

Where multiple fluorophores may be in use, this version has been designed with two filter cube positions along with a bypass position for transmitted illumination for ease of use.

We can also use the Dual Infinity Slider as the basis of a modular fluorescence microscope for bespoke applications; please contact our Sales team for details.

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Additional information


• Optogenetics – halo and channel rhodopsin
• FRAP – Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching
• Flash photolysis
• Widefield fluorescence especially FRET / calcium recordings
• Integration into modular fluorescence microscopes


• Access to microscope infinity space
• Two filter cube positions (sliding mechanism)
• Compatible with Olympus U-MF2 filter cubes
• Integrated Bypass position for transmitted illumination
• Compatible with Cairn Multiport couplings
• Adapters for current Nikon and Olympus upright frames
• Tip/tilt cube adjustment for precise alignment
• Optional laser safety interlock
• Option for ‘soft’ cube slider for electrophysiology (reduced vibrations)