Olympus BX51WI

• Vibration free design
• Infrared contrast
• Fluorescence macro observation

Product Description

The Olympus BX51WI upright microscope is ideal for all physiological experiments such as patch clamping and intravital microscopy. The fixed stage concept and vibration-free frame design ensure excellent stability throughout the experiment.

Use of infrared light protects living cells and offers high penetration depths of thick tissue slices, while high NA optics allow magnification changes without moving the objective.

The BX61WI is the motorized version of the BX51WI fixed-stage microscope with a highly accurate Z-drive. It is the ideal tool for all automated physiological experiments, such as patch clamping and intravital microscopy.

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Additional information


• Vibration free design
• Infrared contrast
• Fluorescence hardware provides highest signal-to-noise performance
• Fluorescence macro observation
• Modular motorisation