Probe Illumination

Product Description

This module provides independently variable drive currents for up to four light emitting diodes intended for use with our fibre optic probe illumination system.

The probe system has been designed for applications where fluorescence measurements are to be made from small areas of the field of view, thus allowing multiple photometry recordings to be captured from a single sample. The size of each region is defined by the light guide probe diameter, with the ability to position up to four probes in the field of view.

The probe mount replaces the standard photomultiplier tube on the single emission coupling box and places the inputs of fibre optic light guides at the primary image plane. These inputs can be moved within the field of view to the point of interest, their precise location in the microscope field of view being identified by means of reverse infra-red illumination of the guides, which is visible on the CCD camera image. The outputs of the fibre optic guides are fed to individual photomultiplier tubes for acquisition of the fluorescence signal. The number of probes connected to the probe mount can be varied from one to four, and for added flexibility each probe can be used to record at a different wavelength.

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Product Code: P440/004/000
Product Description: Fibre-optic probe illumination module with control for 4 LEDs