Image Splitter Comparison Chart

DeviceChannels per cameraCamerasSensor size (mm) & Split mode (Bypass)
OptoSplit II 2116.6 x 14.0, Split mode
(13.3 x 13.3, ByPass)
OptoSplit II  ByPass2116.6 x 14.0, Split mode
(13.3 x 13.3, ByPass)
OptoSplit III (TripleSplit)3 or 2116.6 x 14.0, Split mode
MultiSplit 41

13.3 x 13.3, Split mode

Support for sensors up to 25mm diagonal

SplitCam 1 & 2216.6 x 14.0, Split mode
(13.3 x 13.3, ByPass)
TwinCam 1216.0 x 16.0
MultiCam 12, 3 or 413.3 x 13.3

We offer a range of image splitters for simultaneous multi-channel imaging on one or more sensors. This offers a major benefit over manual or electronic filter changers, as there is no longer a need to pause acquisition while the filter position is changed. This allows your camera to be operated in fast stream modes. All devices have simple user friendly controls and excellent pixel registration between channels (>99.9% using sCMOS, Deep Well CMOS (SciMeasure), or large format EMCCDs).

The channels will typically be defined by bandpass interference filters from the Chroma Technology range, to allow multi-wavelength imaging, however the separation can also be made on the basis of polarisation state, focal depth, or any other modality which requires the same field of view to be recorded under different conditions. The table below shows the most common products although it is possible to combine these to produce six or even eight channel devices, or to incorporate spinning or stepping filter wheels – please ask for details.

Image Splitter Comparison | Optosplit III(single sensor)Optosplit III (single sensor)

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