Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Module

• Modular upgrade for existing microscopes
• Time-gated FLIM approach
• Lifetime discrimination <100ps

Product Description

Based on open source technology developed by Paul French’s team at Imperial College London and using the latest generation gated optical image intensifier from Kentech Instruments Ltd, this high speed time-gated fluorescence lifetime imaging module has been applied to FLIM microscopy, high content analysis and optical FLIM tomography.

The Cairn FLIM module adds the ability to discriminate signals from fluorescent probes that have overlapping emission profiles that cannot be separated using their spectral intensity alone, to quantify FRET measurements, including signals from genetically expressed FRET biosensors, and to quantify cellular and tissue autofluorescence signals. Running at frame rates up to 10 Hz (depending on sample brightness), this time-gated FLIM approach can discriminate lifetime differences of less than 100 ps with a spatial resolution of 20 line pairs/mm. (Sparks et al, Rev. Sci. Instrum., 2017)

Time-gated FLIM can be realised by adding our FLIM module to existing microscopes with appropriate ultrafast excitation source  facilities or can be provided as part of a complete standalone FLIM microscope. If you are interested in adding this modality to your capabilities, please contact us for further information.

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