Hamamatsu ORCA-Fusion sCMOS Camera

• 95 % (peak QE: @550 nm)
• 89 frames per second at full resolution
• Pixel resolution 2304 × 2304

Product Description

ORCA-Fusion Digital CMOS camera

The ORCA-Fusion, built from the sensor up, balances the complex nuances of camera features to provide beautiful images and robust data at all lights levels, but especially in tough low-light conditions. The exceptionally low and highly uniform read noise of the ORCA-Fusion means that when the sample emits even just a handful of photons, either by default or by experimental design, they are not lost in the noise, but detected and reliably quantified. After all, when you want to hear a whisper it’s best to be in a quiet place.

ORCA-Fusion BT Digital CMOS camera

The ORCA-Fusion BT camera is the pinnacle of scientific CMOS (sCMOS) performance. The specifications are without compromise: ultra-low readout noise, CCD-like uniformity, fast frame rates and back-thinned enabled high QE. But the beauty of the ORCA-Fusion BT is what this combination of exceptional photon detection and collection can do for you. See the dimmest whisper of signal, acquire visually stunning, high S/N images from the fewest photons, capture previously unresolved temporal events and perform computational methods with confidence. The ORCA-Fusion BT is the camera that makes the difficult experiments easy and previously impossible experiments possible.


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Additional information

Orca Fusion

• High resolution : 2304 x 2304 (5.3 Megapixels)
• High speed : 100 frames/s (at 2304 X 2048 ROI)
• Dynamic range : 21,400:1
• Pixel size : 6.5 μm X 6.5 μm
• Read noise : 0.7 electrons, rms (Ultra-quiet Scan)
• Prnu : 0.06 % rms (@ 7500 electrons)
• DSNU : 0.3 electrons rms
• Peak QE : 80 %
• Patented Tools for Advanced Imaging: Lightsheet Readout Mode

Orca Fusion BT

• High resolution : 2304 x 2304 (5.3 Megapixels)
• High speed : 89.1 frames/s (@2304 x 2304 pixels, 16 bit)
• Dynamic range : 21 400:1 (Typ.)
• Pixel size : 6.5 μm X 6.5 μm
• Read noise : 0.7 electrons, rms (Ultra-quiet Scan)
• Peak QE : @550 nm: 95 %