Photometrics Moment

• 73% Quantum Efficiency
• 7 Megapixel
• Global shutter

Product Description

High Resolution, High Speed Global Shutter sCMOS

Capture the Moment with this ultra-compact, 7 Megapixel CMOS camera. This camera uses a true global shutter, freezing moving objects in time. With both data and power over a single USB3.2 Gen 2 cable, the Moment is optimized for easy integration, and capturing a 17.5 mm sensor diagonal at 50 frames per second, the Moment shows you exactly what’s happening.


Scientific Image Quality

The Moment delivers quantitative measurements and optimizes image quality by suppressing hot pixels and patterns common to industrial devices.  Combined with low dark noise and optimized linearity the Moment gives high quality images in low light situations.


Global Shutter Snapshot

Global shutter minimizes complexity of illumination control, simplifying your imaging setup. Collect all the light that comes your way without the dead time, artefacts and synchronization issues of a rolling shutter device.

Ultra-compact Form Factor

Measuring just 50mm x 40mm x 42 mm, the Moment can fit into virtually any instrument. Over 3 times smaller than other sCMOS devices on the market, the Moment can fit easily into existing instruments, or minimize the footprint of your new device.

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Additional information


• Active Array Size 3200 x 2200 (7 Megapixel)
• Pixel Area 4.5µm x 4.5µm
• Sensor Area 14.4mm x 9.9mm, 17.5mm diagonal
• Peak QE% 73%
• Read Noise 2.2 eFull-Well Capacity 8200eFramerate (full-frame) 50 fps
• Bit Depth 12-bit
• Shutter Type Global Shutter
• Cooling Uncooled
• Interface USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10 Gbps)
• Triggers 1 Input / 1 Output