TIS DMK 51BU02 CCD Camera


• 1,600 x 1,200 (1.9 MP)
• Trigger input
• Global shutter

Product Description

The TIS DMK 51BU02 CCD Camera has a USB 2.0 interface and is the perfect solution for many industrial automation, quality assurance, security, surveillance and medical applications. The monochrome camera ships with the very sensitive 1/1.8 ” Sony CCD ICX274AL sensor. With up to 12 images per second, the DMK 51BU02 is a low cost, yet highly versatile imaging solution. The camera includes a C to CS mount adapter, making it compatible to C and CS mount lenses. Using the optional CS to M12 board lens adapter, the camera is also compatible to M12 board lenses.

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Additional information


USB 2.0 interface
1/1.8 " Sony CCD ICX274AL
Global shutter
1,600 x 1,200 (1.9 MP)
Up to 12 images per second
Trigger input
Compatible to C and CS mount lenses
Only 50.6 x 50.6 x 56 mm


• CS to C mount adapter (shipped as standard)
• CS to M12 board lens adapters
• C and CS mount lenses
• M12 board lenses
• Standard USB 2.0 cable in various lengths
• 5 m USB 2.0 cable with fixing screws
• Trigger cable