• Data Acquisition
• Trace Analysis
• Image Support

Product Description

IonWizard – Core And Analysis

IonWizard integrates the presentation of fluorescence traces and images, analog voltages, and cell length data under an intuitive interface. It analyzes raw data by performing ratio, ion, or linear calibration calculations. Fluorescence calculations include a comprehensive selection of background subtraction techniques.
Specialized functions such as trace averaging, composite images, and transient analysis eliminate common extra work. Clipboarding and exporting of trace and image data eases integration with other programs. Extensive use of individual user templates and context-sensitive online help increases productivity.

Main Features

  • Data Acquisition. Data acquisition via the SarAcq, EdgAcq, VesAcq, FloAcq and PMTAcq DLLs.
  • Signal Generator w/ optional Advanced Signal Generator. Send control voltages through the interface to drive external devices.
  • Trace Display/Printing. Display multiple traces. Zoom-in on small details and scroll over whole trace. Print traces at any zoom level.
  • Trace Analysis. Background subtraction, ratio and ion calculation. Analog and cell length calibrations. Digital trace filtering.
  • Annotation. Mark experimental events, and make experimental notes both during acquisition and off-line.
  • Image Support. Subtract backgrounds, calculate ratio and ion images, and mask out non-fluorescent background data. Move forward or backward through image sequences with the movie player. Images are time synchronized to pixel average traces. Make composite arrays of select images.
  • Clipboard/Export Support. Copy traces, single images or composite images to clipboard for figure making in third party graphics packages. Export trace data in ASCII format for analysis in third party data analysis applications.
  • Transient Analysis. Automatic or manual marking of important data transients. Analyze transients to extract important parameters (baseline, peak value, etc.).
  • Trace Averaging. Average trace data via several methods to remove random noise from repetitive signals.
  • Single File. All data, including images, is stored in a single data file for easy handling and rapid access.
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