• Shutter Controller Interface

    • Compact
    • Works with Micromanager
    • 6 channels

  • Triggerscope 4

    • High Speed Multifunction TTL
    • DAC
    • I/O Controller

  • Multistream

    • Ratiometric calcium and voltage imaging
    • Fast, multi-indicator, timelapse imaging
    • Fast fluorescence and phase contrast/ DIC imaging
    • LED photometry

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All Data Interfacing packages allow images to be captured over time; often with a series of illumination and detection wavelengths, producing two dimensional image stacks. By adding a motorised X-Y stage and Z focussing device the image stacks can be extended into five dimensions. A typical image analysis software platform will give precise control of a camera along with any auxiliary shutters, filter wheels, light sources, or microscope stages needed to define the experiment.

The programs will also provide general and in some case quite specialist Region Of Interest and image analysis functions. We can recommend all of the products listed below for certain applications; please call or email us with your requirements and we will advise.