Triggerscope 4

• High Speed Multifunction TTL
• I/O Controller

Product Description

Triggerscope 4 – High Speed Multifunction TTL, DAC, I/O Controller

The Triggerscope 4 is a new multifunction, sequence-capable high speed TTL I/O and DAC solution for machine vision, microscopy, R & D, metrology and other demanding applications.

It has full support integrated into µManager and MetaMorph and can be used as both as a simple interface for high speed multichannel imaging, or programmed for more esoteric configurations.

For more information about specific applications we recommend a visit to Austin Blanco’s blog and YouTube channel

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Additional information


On Board LED indication for READY, Trigger, Output and input lines.
Direct SMA Breakouts
DAC output to -10/+10V
External Power Switch
Dynamic Range Selection for DAC Range – 0-5V, 0-10V, -10/+10V, -2.5/+2.5V
Fastest Microprocessor available – 600 Mhz
16GB Sd-Card Memory Access
A new Real Time Clock is included for better timing over long duration experiments and delays.
DAC update rates can be overclocked, to a maximum frequency of 270kHz.
Integrated and simplified external controls for easier operation.
4x Trigger Inputs
Galvo Control
Piezo & Fast focus control
Laser, LED, and AOTF control
High speed camera triggering
XY Stage control
Adaptive optics
Liquid Handling/Perfusion
Liquid Lenses
Spinning Disk Confocal Control
Embedded Systems
OEM integration
Filter Wheels
Dichroic Cube switchers
Strobe Capture


DAC Output -10/+10 VDC 16-Bit Resolution @ +/-40mA Drive

DAC Channels 16 Female SMA Connectors

TTL Output 0V – 5V DC 200-500mA Drive

TTL Channels 16 Female SMA Connectors

Trigger Inputs 4 Female SMA Connectors

Switch Time <10us TTL & DAC in Sequence

Driver Support Multiple Micro-Manager, Metamorph, MatLab, Python3,