X-Light V3

• Spinning disk confocal
• Ultra large FOV – 25 mm
• Dual cameras

Product Description

X-Light V3 is the next generation of X-Light spinning disk confocal series.

It relies on the cutting-edge technology, advanced optical design approach and engineering solutions developed by CrestOptics to meet the very high-end specifications required by most of the modern fluorescence microscopy applications.

The spinning disk design together with the careful design of the optical layout enhances sensitivity and image clarity.  The first confocal unit which allows dual camera imaging at the full field of view of 25mm on both cameras.

Still with unmatched price/performance ratio.

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Additional information

Technical Specifications

Spectral range (confocal/widefield): 400-750nm

Fully automated experiments

Software controlled bypass mode: widefield to confocal

The fastest spinning disk in the market: 15.000 rpm rotation speed, up to kHz range

Choose your disk: 50um pinholes in two different versions based on different pinole spacing

Choose your disk: unique continuous spiral disk makes it faster for high-speed applications

User inspired: customize pinhole size and geometry on request

Exchangeable, synchronized and sealed: the disk box is one of the most versatile features of the new V3. Dust protection and synchronization signals out to the camera make it reliable and faster.

Lateral Resolution (FWHM): ~230 nm (High NA 1.4) diffraction limited

Axial Resolution (FWHM): ~600 nm (High NA 1.4)

High Confocal Quality: this advanced new series brings in a redesigned optical layout optimized to enhance sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio in any dim and bright conditions

Software controlled filter cubes: 3 positions for simultaneous dual-color imaging

Illumination uniformity: microlenses based for high uniformity across the full field of view

Illumination FOV: different options to match different camera sizes and enhance efficiency

Illumination shaping: preserve your sample. Motorized aperture to cut illumination in the region surrounding the region of interest

Software controlled filter wheels: 4-positions automated cleanup filter wheel, 3-positions automated dichroic filter wheel, 8-positions automated emission filter wheel

Detector Field of View

Ultra-large field of view imaging: maximum 25 mm

Dual-camera view: simultaneous dual-camera view up to 25 mm each camera

illumination FOV: different options to match different camera sizes and enhance efficiency

Pattern Configuration

•CrestOptics Proprietary Disk Pattern Design for high confocal resolution, improved Out of Focus rejection and higher S/N
confocal resolution with 60x NA 1.4 oil immersion Objective: <800nm

•40 micron pinholes

•70 micron pinholes

•Custom pinholes diameters are available on request

•30mm diameter Custom Relay lenses. Diffraction-limited design across all the field of view from high magnification-high NA objectives to low magnification-low numerical aperture obectives

•Fast spinning disk 15.000 RPM disk rotation speed

•Excitation Gimbal mount for easy alignment on custom microscope setup and for best S/N

•Motorized Dichroic Five positions Filter Wheel

•Standard Eight positions Motorized Emission Wheel

•Plug-in spinning disk
•Extraction tools for easy insertion and removal of both dichroic filter and emission filter

•Detector focal plane easy focusing without moving the detector

•Adapter for Multimode Laser or LED SMA-905 fiber excitation