WinFluor Fluorescence Imaging

WinFluor is a combined image and analogue signal acquisition and analysis program, which supports the simultaneous collection of cell fluorescence image (at multiple excitation wavelengths) and patch clamp current and voltage signals. Recorded images and electrophysiological signals can be displayed, analysed and plotted together on the same screen.

Main Features

  • High speed image acquisition (100 frames/sec)
  • Excitation wavelength control (1-9 wavelengths per file).
  • 1 – 8 analogue input channels.
  • Continuous image/analogue recording to disk.
  • Stimulus pulse generation.
  • Time course analysis for up to 50 regions of interest.
  • Pixel intensity histograms.
  • Line profile plots.
  • Averaging of images.
  • Creation of ratio and ion concentration images
  • AVI movie creation.
  • Import/Export of images to PIC, TIF and STK file formats.
WinFluor Fluorescence Imaging