Lucia Faraday Cage

• Electrically quiet
• Photon quiet

Product Description

Sensitive fluorescent microscopes require near dark conditions to avoid background light interfering with the signal of interest. Building rigs in dark rooms are expensive and enclosures made from solid panels are cumbersome and difficult to access. In collaboration with Dr Kevin Webb at the University of Nottingham, we designed the Lucia enclosures using an aluminium frame and two layers of blackout fabric to provide a lightweight and adaptable solution which is easy to remove so that the microscope can be cleaned and maintained.

For electrophysiology requirements, an additional tri-metalic layer (Cu/Ni/Ag) is integrated into the fabric to block electromagnetic radiation over a wide range of frequencies offering a dual purpose light-shielding Faraday cage.

We have standard configurations available to fit Newport anti-vibration tables but can also make any reasonable design to order. Please contact our Sales department to discuss your specific requirements.

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