• Light tight access ports for perfusion tubes & cables
• True photon tight environment
• Stable and clean imaging environment

Product Description

Light tight enclosure for sensitive optical recordings

Conducting luminescence experiments on a microscope requires a significantly different approach to low-light fluorescence. Sensitive deep-cooled CCD or EMCCD cameras are used with exposures of several seconds up to tens of minutes, so the chamber must be completely light tight. Researchers typically build their own chambers which requires significant time and effort and is often unsatisfactory, especially with regard to access to the microscope. The LumiScope solves this problem by providing a completely lighttight chamber with a large, fully-sealed, door and mounting points, access for cables, perfusion tubing etc.

We also have significant experience and expertise in configuring chambers with high NA imaging lenses for low magnification applications with the camera mounted on top of the chamber. Please contact our sales team with your specific requirements.

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Additional information


• Bio and chemi luminescence
• Single molecule imaging
• Fluorescence imaging in an open lab (brightly lit) environment

Key Benefits

• Stable and clean imaging environment
• Easy access
• True photon tight environment
• Suitable for commercial microscope frames or camera lenses


• Optional light tight top port for coupling c-mount camera
• Large opening door for convenient access
• Mounting holes for 25mm spaced commerical AV table
• Interior LED light
• Light-tight access ports for cables and fibre optics
• Optional earthing tabs for electrical screening
• Internal dimensions: 700w x 800d x 880h
• Extended width chamber for camera mounted on sideport
• Bespoke size on request