Photometrics Prime 95B sCMOS Camera

Photometrics Prime 95B (Series) sCMOS Camera

• 95% Quantum Efficiency
• 11μm x 11μm Pixel Area
• 3 Field of view options

Product Description

Outperforming EMCCD cameras, the Prime 95B Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) camera series includes several back illuminated sCMOS cameras that offer 95% QE with extreme sensitivity and high frame rates.



The Prime 95B back-illuminated sCMOS camera achieves a near-perfect 95% quantum efficiency.  By bringing the light in from the back of the sensor, photons land directly onto the light receiving surface, maximizing light collecting capability. Combining this with large, 11 µm pixels results in a camera technology as sensitive as EMCCD with greater stability, faster speeds and no gain aging.



Multiple Fields of View

The Prime 95B is available with an 18.8, 22 or 25 mm diagonal field of view. The larger format sensors are designed to increase throughput, maximize the amount of data captured and take full advantage of new, larger field of view microscopes.


Advanced Features

The Prime 95B offers two data reduction technologies; PrimeLocate and Multi-ROI.  PrimeLocate can also be extended to offer Live Particle Tracking on the camera, giving early insight into the kinetics of moving molecules for single molecule tracking applications.  PrimeEnhance active denoising provides a real-time quantitative increase in signal to noise ratio by reducing the effects of photon shot noise at low light levels.

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Additional information

Family Specifications

• Sensor Technology – sCMOS
• Quantum Efficiency – 95%
• Pixel Size – 11 µm x 11 µm
• Supported Interfaces – PCIe and USB 3
• Spectrum Capabilities – UV (200-440 nm), Visible (400-700 nm) Near Infrared
– (700-1000 nm)
• Read Noise (median) – 1.5 e-

Prime 95B

• Megapixels – 1.44
• Sensor area – 13.2 mm x 13.2 mm (18.7 mm diagonal)
• Frame rate – 40 fps @16-bit / 80 fps @12-bit

Prime 95B - 22mm

• Megapixels – 2.00
• Sensor area – 15.5 mm x 15.5 mm (22 mm diagonal)
• Frame rate – 34 fps @16-bit / 68 fps @12-bit

Prime 95B - 25mm

• Megapixels – 2.58
• Sensor area – 17.69 mm x 17.69 mm (25 mm diagonal)
• Frame rate – 30 fps @16-bit / 60 fps @12-bit