RedShirt/SciMeasure NeuroCCD High Speed Camera

RedShirt/SciMeasure NeuroCCD

• Cooled for low dark noise
• No fan; avoids vibrations
• Large well size: 215,000 e-

Product Description

This RedShirt/SciMeasure NeuroCCD High Speed Camera is ideal for low and medium light level measurements. They are used to study intrinsic imaging signals and a wide range of dye stained preparations: from filled single cells through preparations stained by transported dye to stained tissue slices.

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Additional information


• Large well size : 215,000 e-
• Very short frame shift time : 7 microsecs
• Uses the outstanding Marconi CCD39-01 chip
• Digitization: 14 bits standard, 16 bits optional (slower frame rate)
• Back-Illuminated for high quantum efficiency (80% at 400-600nm, 75% at 650nm)
• Cooled for low dark noise
• No fan; avoids vibrations
• Simultaneous optical and 8 channels of electrical recording
• Optical coupler to reduce objective image to the size of the CCD chip
• Comprehensive, user-friendly software designed for neurobiologists, physiologists and biophysicists
• Computer control of shutter and stimulator