Spring Plymouth Microscopy Imaging Course

By 14th April 2015Cairn News

Spring has arrived! This finds some of us teaching at the Plymouth microscopy course once again. Martin is there as usual, accompanied for part of the time by Danielle and Joao, and all of the time by Tom, whom we have managed to smuggle in as a student on the course, as we are all very keen to support his developing optical interests. Everyone seems to be “into” lightsheet microscopy at the moment, and it just so happens that Tom is deeply involved in our collaboration in that direction with Dr Phil Laissue, University of Essex, so it’s great for him to hear more about what others are doing in this field, although he doesn’t seem to be needing much help! That’s him, front row right, in the team photo we took on an enjoyable Sunday out walking to the fishing villages of Kingsand and Cawsand, where a nice lunch was had by all. We even saw a dolphin on the short passenger ferry trip back over the Tamar, so the day did involve a bit of biology too! The weather has been kind to us too, and looks set to be very fair for the rest of the course, so we hope we can tear ourselves away from our microscopes to experience it for ourselves ourselves from time to time. All work and no play….