Where do we stand on Europe?

By 4th March 2016Cairn News

We’ve been getting expressions of concern from our international customers as to how the UK’s possible departure from the EU would affect their relationships with us. Cairn is a staunch supporter of the European Union, and we very much share these concerns.

Unfortunately the possibility of the UK voting to leave is a very real one. There are loud and powerful voices, especially from some of our politicians and from some sections of the media, who are doing their best to persuade people that to leave would be “good for Britain”, whereas we at Cairn are amongst those who suspect that they are primarily motivated by their own personal or professional interests rather than those of the rest of us. Of course there are also others who genuinely believe that “Brussels” is the source of all that is wrong with the world, and that we can go out and establish a new British empire if only we could escape their oppressive clutches. The collective influence of these two groups is very strong right now, and accordingly the level of debate is frighteningly low, so our best hope is that some sort of rational discussion might eventually take place, without legitimate concerns being dismissed as “smears and threats”, as they were by one of our leading politicians in the “leave” camp this very week

Our own parliamentary representative’s opinion is currently undeclared, so as part of our efforts to introduce a little more sanity into the debate, we’ll be contacting her to pass on everyone’s concerns. We’ll also do our best to spread the word within our local community in Faversham, as our business activities do bring a useful amount of money into this lovely town, and it should do no harm for people here to be made a little more aware of that!


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