Biophysical Society 2018

By 21st February 2018Cairn News, News, Uncategorised

Greetings from the City by the Bay!

We are having a great meeting here at Biophysical 2018 at booth 819 with our US colleagues from 89 North and Chroma. Some good conversations had with many home builders and ‘tinkerers’, which this meeting is known to attract. Right up Cairn’s street in fact!

On show we have four stands:

Stand one consists of Cairn kit including the MuM, which has proven very popular highlighting our custom design capability, as well as the L-SPI which has been very well received. We also have our usual suspects of the OptoSplit II, OptoMask, TwinCam and the OptoTIRF which has been a talking point. Unfortunately our OptoSpin got stuck in a warehouse

Stand two is running the XLight V2 (Crest Optics) on a Leica DMi8 with the Live SR module from Gataca Systems illuminated by Chroma’s LDI light source. Great to have some biology, even if it is an Invitrogen slide!

Stand three houses the UGA-42-Firefly Point Scanning device from Rapp OptoElectronic and the OptoSplit III – we have a great demo running with a winking smiley face drawn by the laser to illustrate the precise photobleaching ability of the system.

Last but not least is stand four with our Chroma friends and their array of freebies including fluorescent slides, notebooks and very colourful umbrellas which have proven very popular (as well as a couple of Mary Poppin’s moments) as well as free filter and dichroic advise of course!

All in all a great meeting in a beautiful city, which we are very happy to attend with our very hospitable colleagues.