OptoSpin Update

By 4th April 2018Cairn News, News

So what’s new then…

We have been steadily improving the Optospin‘s internal control software, for which the current version is 4.22. Customers using previous versions are welcome to contact us for a free upgrade. The main improvements over the older 3.x versions are significantly higher repeat rates in stepping mode, and programmable hardware outputs synchronised to individual filter positions in continuous spinning mode. These improvements do require the Optospin’s internal PIC processor to work rather harder than before, which has required us to derate the maximum continuous spin speed from 10,000 rpm to 7,500 rpm. There has in fact been little customer demand for such high continuous spin speeds, but we may nevertheless be able to restore the previous limit if people really do want to spin that fast, so as usual, just let us know!

But we do also try to anticipate future customer demands at Cairn! The Optospin uses standard 25mm filters, but the continuing improvements in microscope optics, and the steadily increasing size of camera sensors, means that this may no longer always be sufficient. So, we have just completed the design of a potential “bigger brother”, taking 32mm filters. It’s not that much larger, scaling in at external dimensions of 120x120x35mm, compared with 100x100x35mm for the Optospin, and it will partner with the same controller. As ever, we are on the lookout for potential “early adopters” for when this product first sees the light of day, so do let us know if you may be interested