32mm OptoSpin Sneak Preview!

By 2nd December 2019Cairn News, News, Uncategorised

We wanted to show you a sneak preview of our latest OptoSpin, which we are calling the Optospin 32, because it takes 32mm rather than 25mm filters.  It is pictured below with our existing 25mm OptoSpin for comparison.  Like its smaller brother two wheels can be accommodated within the same light path which allows either an effectively larger number of filters (ten rather than six) or for vibration reduction when stepping the two wheels in opposite directions

It will be driveable from the same controller that we are already using for our existing 25mm version which will of course continue to be available.  Optical path length is the same as before at 35mm, with an additional 4mm ‘power bulge’ to accommodate larger motor

The OptoSpin32 should be available by spring 2020

OptoSpin32 behind the standard 25mm version