Springtime on the Farm

By 21st April 2020Cairn News, News
In these crazy times it may be all too easy to forget that life for nonhuman species goes on pretty much as before.  Things for us may be on hold for a few weeks, but that doesn’t stop the advance of the seasons!  Sadly though, all too many of us may be confined in jungles that are made of inanimate materials, where such changes aren’t quite so obvious.  So, as a reminder that there really still is a world out there, we thought we might share a few photos taken around our little farm.  It’s springtime!
It’s amazing what’s to be seen if you are patient and just let the wildlife emerge!  The star of this little collection just has to be the normally elusive “Omnibus cairniata”  which we managed to capture as it tentatively ventured out into the weekend sunshine.  We used to use it as transport for our annual “Gentlemen’s Day Out” until it had a slight problem concerning the statutory roadworthiness tests, although we do remain hopeful about getting it through them again one day.  
You can also see some chickens, ducks, pigs and a turkey from Neil’s little smallholding here, plus our cherry trees in full bloom and the apples just starting to join them.  And to finish off, there are Martin’s dogs having their usual good time in the farmhouse garden.  What do THEY care about our supposedly superior species currently managing to make such a mess of things?
And of course the trees are now in leaf.  Here’s to hoping that more of us will be able to see this for ourselves before they all fall off again!