Some potentially handy information on the angular sensitivity of optical filters now added to our technical documents page!

By 19th January 2021Cairn News, News, Uncategorised

Our website has all sorts of potentially interesting stuff tucked away in odd corners, and one of these is our technical documents page.  Here you can read about such issues as filter wheel stepping speeds, simultaneous imaging at different sample depths, optical feedback for stabilising LEDs, and camera synchronisation with data acquisition.  To this we have just added what we hope will be a more than usually understandable explanation of how the performance of an optical interference filter is affected by its angle with respect to a light beam.  And perhaps more usefully, it also provides a very simple way of evaluating the practical significance of this effect in any optical system for which it is a potential issue.  We hope you will find this useful, as all too often the subject tends to be shrouded in mathematical mysticism, although all the maths is there too!  By the way, the technical documents page is a resource that we are keen to continue to develop, so suggestions for further topics to cover will always be very welcome.