CYTO Innovation Stories event featuring Martin Thomas

By 7th June 2021Cairn News, Uncategorised
Martin pictured preparing for the interview with our range of filter wheels in chronological order from right to left

At the end of last month Martin, our Chairman & founder, was interviewed by Jakub Nedbal from ISAC (International Society for Advancement of Cytometry) for their CYTO Innovation Stories series.

He was asked some very interesting questions about the origin of Cairn and some personal journeys of his own.

The evolution of our rotory filter wheel featured strongly from its modest beginnings as a research project at Boston Uiversity to the OptoSpin IV we are selling lots of today

Before we provide the link for the full interview we’d like to give you a short taster of the event – Jakub asked Martin a few quickfire questions at the end and these can be seen here & here

The full interview can be found here