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Yes, the new CNC lathe is now here!.  But if there is one thing more disconcerting than seeing some hefty machine dangling from a strap at the end of a crane jib, as you can see here, it’s seeing one dangling from a flimsy-looking chain on the end of a tractor bucket, as we showed on last week’s “Bring Out The Old” post.  But in the event, both operations were drama free, although the precision with which the delivery driver operated the crane was more than a little impressive, as he managed to approach its jib to within just an inch or so of the building.  Once inside, it was then just a question of putting the lathe on roller skates to gently push it to its destination.  We could tell he had done this at least a few times before!  So we are pleased to report that not only the building but also all toes remained unbroken.

So what are we going to do with this shiny new lathe, apart from covering it with oil and swarf of course?  Well, thanks to Mark and Callum in particular, we reckon that we already knew our ABCs when it comes to machining, so we felt that it was now time to take things a little further, by letting Callum go all the way to the other end of the alphabet.  Therefore, as its nameplate clearly shows, he now has an XYZ machine to play with!

But actually, as explained in that previous post, the real point of the CNC facility is to allow us to churn the work out more quickly – and indeed, there is an awful lot to churn out right now!  Hence we also repeat here that it would be rather handy if we could find someone out there who would like to help us do it.

Mark & Callum setting up new Lathe
Mark & Callum setting up new Lathe