By 28th September 2021Cairn News, News

When Jane our purchasing manager left us for deepest Wales a few years ago, then at least some of us thought we would never see her again, but it turns out that others of us had been keeping in touch! So when her replacement Sophie found an alternate position closer to home, an interesting replacement possibility began to emerge.

One lesson that many of us have been learning during that little difficulty with the virus is that at least some tasks can be performed quite effectively from home, wherever that might be.  And since Jane was already familiar with the crazy way that we do things here, then maybe she could just carry on where she had left off?  Also she does come back to our part of the world from time to time anyway, as she still has relatives here.

So, last week she came to see us again, everything was arranged, and many of us went out for lunch on Friday to celebrate.  That’s Jane in the stripey teeshirt!  And as you can see, the weather co-operated too.  In fact, we’ve had good weather in our “southeast corner” (as our weather forecasters like to describe it) for pretty much all of September, but now that we’re heading into October it looks as if autumn may be finally catching up with us, so this may well be our last outside gathering for some while!